With the start of the decisive round of the World Cup qualifiers in Qatar 2022, on the second of next month, our team concluded an intensive stage of preparations during the training camp that it is conducting in the Qatari capital, Doha.
The last training sessions that were held on the university’s stadiums witnessed the joining of the professional Abd Al-Rahman Al-Weiss from Greece. Also, returning from injury, Muhammad Othman and Ibrahim Alma joined the group training of the national team.
According to the Football Association, the return of our players, Shadi Al-Hamwi and Khaled Al-Mobaid, to Syria was decided, after presenting the cases of their previous injuries that they suffered during the league and it was found that they need a period of rest and will not be able to participate in the matches of Iran and the UAE in the decisive role.
Also, the player Omar Al-Soma contacted our team doctor, Dr. Ahmed Kanjo, and it was confirmed that Al-Soma will be absent from facing Iran due to a muscle rupture.